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Passion to Purpose Podcast

Welcome to the Passion to Purpose Podcast!

The ‘Passion to Purpose Podcast' hosted by Liam Hammond and Chloe Heard, is a platform for inspiring conversations that aim to motivate and equip our audience with valuable insight. 

Each episode features a different guest who shares their story, challenges they have faced, and aspirations for the future.

Our purpose is to create a platform for meaningful dialogue and to help our audience gain a better understanding of their professional journey. We strive to challenge and inspire our audience to be their best selves and pursue their goals.

Episode 1 |  Women empowerment in the professional sector

Welcome to our first episode as we explore women empowerment and our DIBS (Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Social Impact) programme

In this episode we were joined by Kate Arnott, Partner, and Grace Lloyd-Warne, HR Manager, as they describe their career journeys as women in the professional sector and the challenges they have faced.

Meet our hosts!

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