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Passion to Purpose Podcast

Welcome to the Passion to Purpose Podcast!

Introducing the Passion to Purpose Podcast, where we delve into stories from across the firm and explore what makes the firm so special… our people!

Whether you're seeking inspiration, guidance, or simply a good listen, we've got you covered and each month we’ll feature a different topic but one that will all come back to the same place and that is the people who make up MHA.

Embark on a journey as our guests open up about their experiences, hurdles, and dreams for tomorrow.

You can discover all our episodes below. Enjoy!

Episode 4 | Should you bring your whole self to work?

Join us as we dive into an inspiring conversation with Paren Parmar about the power of authenticity in the workplace.

Discover why being true to yourself matters, and gain valuable insights from Paren's journey into the professional world!

I found by taking the time to understand that culture, it helped me connect with so many other people"

Episode 4 Paren Parmar

Episode 3 | IWD, inclusion and life in recruitment

Welcome back!

We're joined by Leanne, Head of Talent Acquisition and Resourcing. In this episode we discuss International Women's Day, wellbeing and life in recruitment. Leanne also shares her experiences as a mother of a neurodivergent child and how she balances her work and personal life.

See you next time!

We are all paving the way for the generations that come after us"

Episode 4 Leanne Wilkins

Episode 2 | Young leaders & where an apprenticeship got me

Welcome back! During our second episode, we talked with Luke Augur about where an audit apprenticeship led him and how it shaped his leadership journey.

Luke shared the lessons he learned and the importance of mentorship throughout his apprenticeship. He also discussed the importance of taking risks and trusting in yourself to succeed.

I knew I didn't want to go to university, so I applied to MHA and here I am seven years later"

Epsiode 2 Luke Augur

Episode 1 |  Women empowerment in the professional sector

Welcome to our first episode as we explore women empowerment and our DIBS (Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Social Impact) programme

In this episode we were joined by Kate Arnott, Partner, and Grace Lloyd-Warne, HR Manager, as they describe their career journeys as women in the professional sector and the challenges they have faced.

People need role models to look up to and see that it is achievable"

Episode 1 Kate Arnott

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