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MHA Corporate Finance team facilitates Ipsos' strategic acquisition of Jarmany, reinforcing data analytics capabilities

January 23rd 2024

Paris, January 15th, 2024 - Ipsos, a global leader in market research, proudly announces the successful acquisition of Jarmany, a renowned UK-based company specialising in data analytics and strategic insight. The strategic move aims to bolster Ipsos' 2025 growth plan by enhancing its data analytics capabilities and solidifying its position as a pivotal partner for clients worldwide.

Founded in 2008, Jarmany has garnered acclaim for its expertise in operational, financial, and strategic decision-making for international businesses. With a focus on artificial intelligence-driven data aggregation, analysis, and visualisation, Jarmany has emerged as a key player in the tech space.

Under the continued leadership of co-founders Matthew Rhodes and Tom Hunt, Jarmany's team of experts will integrate seamlessly into Ipsos' UK operations. This collaboration is poised to drive the development of enhanced capabilities in integrating diverse and complex datasets.

Ben Page, Chief Executive Officer of Ipsos, commented, 

“This acquisition contributes to Ipsos' 2025 growth plan by strengthening our data analytics capabilities and consolidating our position as a key partner for our clients. I am delighted to welcome Jarmany’s team, which will allow us to broaden our offer in sectors where we are already present.”

Matthew Rhodes and Tom Hunt, Co-CEOs of Jarmany, echo this statement, 

“We are very excited about joining Ipsos. We have built a talented team of 70 experts in technology areas where Ipsos is seeking to grow, such as cloud architecture and platform automation. Our collaboration opens up new opportunities to meet our clients' challenges, in fields such as ESG.”

The MHA Transaction Services team facilitated this acquisition by providing financial and tax due diligence services. Rob Dando, Head of Transaction Services at MHA, remarked, 

"It has been a pleasure working with Ipsos and Jarmany on this strategic acquisition. Collaborating with dynamic clients in the tech space is always exciting. We extend our best wishes to Ipsos and Jarmany for a successful integration and future endeavours."

Chris Denning, Corporate Tax Partner at MHA, added, 

"Ensuring a comprehensive financial and tax due diligence process is crucial in such strategic acquisitions. We are pleased to have supported Ipsos throughout this transaction."

The acquisition of Jarmany marks a significant milestone in Ipsos' journey, enhancing its capabilities to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients in an ever-evolving market landscape. Ipsos and Jarmany anticipate a fruitful collaboration, unlocking new avenues for growth and innovation.

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