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Restructuring & Recovery

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Using deep experience, technical knowledge and commercial acumen to support clients and professional intermediaries through the process of business restructuring and recovery.

MHA has a long history of supporting business owners and management teams through difficult times and complex restructuring challenges. Our experts provide honest, objective, and innovative advice to business owners and management teams – ultimately helping to steer a course to a better, brighter future.

Our team’s deep expertise, professionalism and international reach underpins our comprehensive restructuring and recovery services.

Our restructuring and recovery team advise on:

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Partnership Voluntary Arrangements (PVAs)
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Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
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Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs)
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Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)
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Restructuring and Recovery Insight and Events

Why MHA?

  1. We are a team of business recovery professionals from a variety of sectors and backgrounds – we have a balance of diverse expertise and experience.
  2. We are part of one of the world’s top nine international networks as the UK member of Baker Tilly International: we can assist non-UK residents and offshore businesses.
  3. We are diligent and professional and also ambitious for our clients; we are not afraid to speak up when we see a better solution.
  4. We thrive under pressure and provide clear and honest advice in tough times.

Our Restructuring and Recovery team

Restructuring and Recovery

The earlier you seek the right financial advice, the better the chances of constructing a plan to ensure the survival of your business. We advise all types of clients, from individuals to companies and partnerships, in a range of industry sectors.

Our reputation is one for honest, objective and innovative advice, and our team members share a committed and focused attitude towards achieving results. 

When cash flow pressures are too great for a business or an individual, you may face a formal insolvency process. When providing advice in these circumstances, we will always exhaust the informal or turnaround options before recommending other, more formal options.

We’re experienced

We are a mixed and varied team of business recovery professionals. This mix creates a balance of expertise and experience, combined with an enthusiastic, dynamic and fresh attitude. We can draw upon the team’s experience to provide clear and concise advice under the pressurised circumstances commonplace during difficult circumstances.  

We’re connected

With access to the entire MHA network, we have a range of in-house services that are immediately accessible and allow us to deliver a complete resolution to your business challenges. We are also part of a Baker Tilly International’s global network, which means we can assist non-UK residents and offshore businesses. 

We provide corporate services, including:

  • Compulsory Liquidation
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation
  • Independent Business Reviews
  • Law of Property Act Receiverships

Our personal services include bankruptcy, and Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

We can also provide creditor services, such as:

  • Attending creditor meetings on your behalf (or with you)
  • Conducting Independent Business Reviews (IBRs) to provide you with advice regarding businesses that are failing to meet their obligations
  • Helping you assess the recoverability of debt
  • General advice on debt collection

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