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Customs and Excise Duty

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Post Brexit many companies are operating within complex import and export rules and procedures. For businesses cross-border transactions and doing business within the EU brings challenges with additional costs, risks and administrative burdens.

MHA provides experienced Customs and Excise advisory services to support businesses in managing its obligations under customs legislation and identify and implement procedures to bring financial and efficiency benefits.

Our Customs and Excise Duty team’s expertise covers many areas including:

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Customs Special Procedures

Review and implement Inward and Outward Processing, Customs Warehousing and Temporary Admission, where beneficial for the business to minimise customs duties within the supply chain.

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Import and export procedures outside the UK and European Union

Utilising our global Baker Tilly network, we are able to overcome any import and export barriers that are impacting your market access.

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Customs and Excise Duty Insight and Events

Why MHA?

  1. We act locally but think globally, we are the UK member of Baker Tilly International with advisers in 145 countries and we support both UK-based and foreign-owned operations.
  2. We are trusted advisors to our clients who range from SMEs through to major international companies.
  3. We seek to assist businesses in understanding and utilising more efficiently the existing customs regimes and Special Procedures.
  4. Our team consists of former employees of HMRC that understand the inside workings of this government department and how to mediate effective solutions.
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Our Customs and Excise Duty team

A few examples of how we have helped clients

Coping with Customs – bespoke training for your team

MHA have developed a successful, in-depth and practical training course for businesses who are impacted by the customs changes resulting from Brexit.

Our training is designed to educate and support employees whose roles are directly impacted by Brexit.

If you feel that your business may benefit from having formal customs training, so it fully understands the changes in moving goods after Brexit, please contact our experienced Customs Team who can discuss our training options with you.

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