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Tax Dispute Resolution

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We understand the stress and anxiety that can arise when facing scrutiny from HMRC, even when you are confident in your compliance. Our team of experts specialises in guiding both individuals and businesses through these challenging situations.

When HMRC comes knocking, our services can be instrumental in navigating the complexities.

We can assist you in understanding HMRC's position, identify any missing evidence and can help construct a compelling case. We can also conduct regular tax reviews as part of our proactive approach to minimise penalties and ensure your ongoing compliance.

Leveraging our expertise, we can effectively navigate complex cases and provide tailored solutions including restructuring of affairs to align with evolving legislation and optimise tax positions.

Choosing to engage with tax authorities before they approach you is a proactive strategy that can significantly reduce tax risks and penalties.

Why Choose MHA?

  1. Our team of tax professionals have a wealth of experience in handling a variety of tax disputes. We stay abreast of the latest tax legislation to provide you with up-to-date proactive advice and guidance.
  2. We understand that each case can come with its own unique challenges and our personalised approach ensures that we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.
  3. Every step of the way we will keep you informed with clear and concise communication.

Our Tax Dispute Resolution team

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