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Forensic Accounting

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Supporting businesses, organisations and individuals with highly-trained forensic accounting experts, helping them detect financial irregularity, overcome disputes and protect livelihoods.

MHA offers a highly specialised forensic accounting service for businesses and individuals dealing with issues like fraud, litigation, investigation, financial irregularity and commercial disputes.

Our expert forensic team has the knowledge and skill to carry out a deep analysis of financial documentation.

Our mix of forensic accountants, retired police detectives and forensic scientists specialise in investigating key areas of corporate fraud and take a proactive approach to protect businesses through counter-fraud measures.

Our forensic accounting team advise on:

Gravel hammer
Fraud investigations
Asset recovery
Loss of Profit claims
Systems assessments
Defence against employee loss of earnings claims
Project management and training
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Why MHA?

  1. We are part of the world’s 9th largest international network as the UK member of Baker Tilly International: we have access to 41,000 professionals in 145 territories worldwide.
  2. Our services are designed to enhance the reputation and credibility of your organisation.
  3. Our services are a comprehensive one-stop shop for everything you need to handle your fraud problem.
  4. We have great experience project-managing fraud enquiries, combining the skills of in-house and external HR, legal and accounting team.
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Our Forensic Accounting team

Forensic Accounting

Whether it’s as a preventative measure or because the worst-case scenario has played out, our forensic accounting team can get to the bottom of it – and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Our services are:

  • Comprehensive, providing a one-stop shop for everything you need to handle your fraud problem
  • Integrated, ensuring maximum impact from everything that we do
  • Professional, using only the highest-quality staff with a real track record
  • Focussed on reducing the economic and financial impact of fraud
  • Designed to enhance the reputation and credibility of your organisation

Counter Fraud

We have also deep expertise and experience in counter-fraud. Our counter-fraud division allows organisations not only to respond to problems, but also to take a preventative approach. We work with you to develop an anti-fraud culture in your business, creating strong deterrent cultures and preventative systems, and implementing effective detection processes.

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