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Human Capital Advisory

Supporting clients with a wide range of services to help them look after their greatest asset, allowing businesses of all sizes to scale-up, adapt, operate overseas and be successful.

Our international connections as the UK member of Baker Tilly International allows us to help companies with all aspects of global mobility.

Our team can advise in areas including employment tax, equity incentives, immigration assistance, minimum wage compliance, and a broad range of other human resources issues.

Our Human Capital team advise on issues including:

Employment tax advice and compliance
Equity incentive scheme selection, design and implementation
Person with world
Global mobility
Document and pen
Immigration assistance
A broad range of HR services to support your business objectives
Money umbrella
National Minimum Wage compliance

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Why MHA?

  1. We are part of the world’s 9th largest international network as the UK member of Baker Tilly International: we can help on all aspects of global mobility.
  2. Our service is comprehensive, we advise on employment tax, share incentive schemes, global mobility and immigration assistance.
  3. We are diligent and professional, but we are also ambitious for our clients; we are not afraid to speak up when we see a better solution.
  4. We provide a full HR outsourcing service.
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Our Human Capital team

Human Capital Advisory

As an employer, people are your greatest asset, and at MHA we understand your needs and stay at the forefront of changes in employment regulation, to deliver the best advice and guidance for the unique requirements of your workforce.

Our multidisciplinary human capital advisory team offers a complete service for all your workforce planning and management. Our partners are drawn from a range of disciplines such as employment tax, global mobility, share incentives and HR solutions.

Employment tax advice

Our tax specialists can help with all aspects of employment tax including the latest on IR35. We help create and manage efficient employment tax strategies.

Share incentive scheme implementation

You need to motivate and reward your key employees correctly to ensure long-term growth for your business. We can help you decide and design what is best for your business.

Our service combines tax advice, company and share valuation work as well as the legal drafting needed to implement your selected equity incentive plan. We can also assist you in the associated HMRC annual reporting requirements for whatever plans you decide to implement.

Global workforce mobility

In today’s business environment employers find themselves managing an increasingly international workforce. Cross-border employment creates complexity from a tax, social security and payroll perspective.

Through our membership of Baker Tilly International, we can help with all aspects of global mobility. We can ensure all compliance obligations are met and that any planning opportunities are considered.

Workforce immigration assistance

Ensuring that individuals have the legal right to work in the country is critical. We can help support you in achieving this when you have non-UK nationals working for you.

HR outsourcing services

Your business may not be big enough to warrant a full-time HR department, but you will still have HR issues you haven’t got the time or expertise to deal with. We can help in all aspects of transactional HR support including:

  • Provision of compliant Contracts of Employment and HR policies
  • Advice on any employee relations issues e.g. disciplinary, grievance, performance, absence, family-friendly leave etc
  • Managing restructures, redundancy situations, consultations or TUPE transfers
  • Performance management and appraisal process design and implementation
  • On-site support at employee meetings in respect of any of the above
  • Managing recruitment and selection needs
  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting
  • Complete outsourcing of all HR support services

We can also help you in more strategic HR support such as organisational structure and strategy; setting of KPIs; cultural and behavioural guidance (e.g. in respect of absence) to maximise the effectiveness of your organisation.

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