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Helping insurers adapt to change in the financial services industry and achieve long term growth by teaming them with dynamic and commercially minded advisors.

MHA works with their clients to adopt digital transformation, embrace innovation and create an environment for robust governance, sustainable performance and long-term growth.

Combining technical expertise, commercial thinking and a global reach, MHA’s highly specialist insurance team helps our clients succeed in a heavily competitive and regulated industry.

Our insurance team can advise on many areas including:

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Audit & Assurance
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Governance, Risk & Controls
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Sustainability & ESG
Tax including Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)
Transactional services
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Why MHA?

  1. We act locally and think globally, we are the UK member of Baker Tilly International, one of the world’s top nine networks with 122 member firms.
  2. We help insurers re-think everything from pricing and operating models to competition and convergence.
  3. We build strong and lasting partnership with our people and our clients in the UK and across the globe.
  4. We help insurers integrate the latest technologies to improve employee and customer retention.
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Our expert team has vast experience in helping insurers to navigate disruption, manage regulatory change and integrate technology to transform and achieve growth. We provide accounting services, audit and assurance, consulting and advice on complying with the latest regulation around sustainability.

For firms willing to embrace innovation and transformation, both in people and emerging technologies there is great scope to improve performance and drive long-term growth. This is particularly the case for those insurers willing to utilise flexible working models to maximise talent retention and provide a personalised and human element to customer services in a sector increasingly driven by technology.

We’re connected

As the UK member of Baker Tilly International, we have a strong presence in the market. We’ve built our expertise though partnership with a wide range of financial service organisations of all sizes across banking and brokerage, securities, wealth and asset management through to payment institutions.

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