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MHA provides new opportunities for Lancashire families with donation

March 19th 2024
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MHA has extended its community outreach by supporting a charity based in the North West of England, providing laptops to families in need.

Our team in our North West offices recently teamed up with Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) with a generous donation of 18 laptops to families in need, in conjunction with LAL’s efforts to enhance educational opportunities for residents across the Lancashire region.

LAL is dedicated to helping parents and offering support to enhance their understanding of the national curriculum. The goal is to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to better assist their children in their educational development and thereby enhancing career opportunities.

Outside of the education setting LAL empowers parents, carers and guardians to upskill using digital technology to place them in a strong position to enter, or re-enter the workplace. Thereby addressing digital exclusion that many face.

Sarah Haworth, head of curriculum at LAL said:

The impact of these laptop donations cannot be underestimated. Families who once faced challenges due to economic constraints or lacked the means to participate in online learning, are now equipped with the tools to break free from those limitations.

This initiative is about more than just technology; it’s about democratizing education, ensuring that every individual, regardless of circumstances, can have the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever suits them best.

This generous donation will be a real catalyst for change, empowering families to engage in learning. The positive effects of this initiative extend beyond the present, shaping a future where education is truly accessible to all, unlocking doors to brighter prospects and endless possibilities.”

Recognising the critical role of technology in today’s educational landscape, our firm's donation seeks to empower young people supported by LAL to overcome barriers to financial education. The donation will assist learners with the essential tools for online education, thereby facilitating their journey towards skill enhancement and career advancement.

Danny Houghton partner, said:

We are thrilled to contribute to Lancashire Adult Learning’s mission by donating laptops.

This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to empowering individuals with access to education and professional development opportunities and we look forward to witnessing the tangible impact of this collaborative initiative.

We applaud the charity for their impactful work, and we are honoured to play a role in contributing to the community’s educational empowerment.”
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