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Helpsheets and Checklists

Maintaining and updating upholding good governance is vital. As specialists in the sector we have created a hub of downloadable templates which will help you in your role as a trustee.

This section contains helpsheets and Checklists. The hub is evolving and we will be adding further documents but please do comment below if there is something specific you are looking for.

There is no doubt that strong effective governance and leadership is the major contributor to the success of a charity.

Free resources to download below:

Top 10 tips on the benefit of effective risk management and organisational resilience for charities.

Trustees Meetings and Decision helpsheet.

Trading and Tax helpsheet.

Risk Management helpsheet.

Investments helpsheet.

Reserves helpsheet.

Fundraising helpsheet.

Internal Financial Controls helpsheet.

Finding New Trustees helpsheet.

Expenses helpsheet.

Conflicts of Interest helpsheet.

Collaborative Working and Mergers helpsheet.

Impact Maturity for Charities helpsheet.

This questionnaire will help assess if the Board is compliant with the Code of Governance.

This questionnaire will help assess if the Board is compliant with the Code of Governance.

A self-assessment to help charities establish how the Board performs its key functions.

An annual performance checklist to help charities assess auditor performance, using key criteria.

What is the difference between a CIC and a charity? This helpsheet looks at the common features and differences between these two types of organisations, to help assess the best option for your venture or project.

There are a number of reasons why trustees may consider incorporating a trading arm. This article looks at the key tax drivers to think about when looking to commence trade through a subsidiary company.

This checklist will assist those Trustees that compile the Trustees Annual Report.

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