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The hub is evolving and we will be adding further videos and webinars but please do comment below if there is something specific you are looking for.

Latest webinar

This webinar explores the common fund accounting mistakes to avoid and the changes to learn about from the Charities Act 2022.

This webinar explores the roles and responsibilities of the charity and its trustees and examine how to best navigate these complex scenarios. Find out more about the legal, governance and accounting challenges that disputed legacy cases create.

Major changes are expected in charity financial reporting – we provide all the key details.

This webinar, in partnership with MHA, is directed at trustees and senior executives of charities and will provide you with a simple framework and practical guidance to ensure your board is well-engaged and universally involved in being financially competent.

Hear advice and practical guidance from our experts on how to help you implement good governance for your charity.

Whether or not financial difficulties exist, all charities will need to consider their future financial sustainability more carefully from this year due to more robust questioning from their auditors resulting from changes in auditing standards on going concern.

Charity specialists from MHA Moore & Smalley will be providing you with topical updates on current issues affecting the sector, focusing specifically on considerations for charities as we look to recover from Covid-19, together with a review of recent guidance and developments in VAT.

A recent webinar explored the future of the charity sector post-Covid. Read the key points discussed.

Professor Joe Nellis, Global Economist from Cranfield University and a panel of experts from MHA MacIntyre Hudson deliver their views on the future outlook for the UK and the global economy post-Covid-19. They will also be reviewing the longer-term impact of the Government’s unprecedented stimulus packages.

Reporting matters of material significance for charities is not always easy or straightforward. If in doubt, should you report? Our Head of Not for Profit, Sudhir Singh, offers some clarity around the challenges charity auditors and independent examiners may face.

Managing risk in charities can be daunting for trustees. Stuart McKay, Director for our Not for Profit sector, spoke of his own experiences, both as an auditor and trustee, on risk management in the charity sector. In this video, he summarises his key point and shares his top tips for putting together a successful risk management policy.

In this video Nicola Mason and Sarah Ollerton are discussing when a charity becomes entitled to recognise it’s income.

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