MHA | Finance Director Update webinar – September 2023
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Finance Director Update webinar – September 2023

Webinar • 21st Sept 2023 - 8:30am - 12:30pm

Our FD Update courses take place every 6 months and are designed to keep your technical knowledge up to date & help you comply with the ever-changing regulatory environment in the worlds of Financial Reporting and Tax; whilst also highlighting points which can be used in practice.

With expert speakers from across MHA, this event will focus on the latest developments in Tax, VAT and UK company law & accounting standards, including:

  • The fully expensing regime for capital expenditure
  • The corporate interest restriction regime in light of higher interest rates
  • Transfer Pricing
  • IFRS 15 and the introduction of IFRS 16
  • Update on Audit reform in the UK
  • Accounting and regulation of crypto assets – A long overdue evolution!
  • ESG Audit considerations

The course is intended not only to alert you to regulatory changes, but to highlight points which can be used in practice. It is particularly aimed at those involved with businesses using IFRS and slightly larger entities using UK GAAP either under FRS101 or FRS102 but will be relevant to all FDs and CFOs.

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