MHA | International trade in the post Brexit era
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International trade in the post Brexit era

Webinar • 2nd Feb 2022 - 8:30am - 9:30am

We have had a full year of Post Brexit trading since the Free Trade Agreement and 2021 has been an expensive year for businesses which import and export with the EU. 

Further changes and tightening of procedures mean that the challenges of 2021 must be mastered this year in order to continue trading successfully. 

This webinar will provide an update on key VAT and Duty issues and explore Customs Duty and VAT reliefs as well as best practice in more detail. We will also look at the new plastic packaging tax which comes into force from April. Finally, we will touch on setting up a legal entity in the EU, which many UK businesses are considering in answer to the challenges to trade in the EU. 

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