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Global Trade Perspectives: Navigating Customs Compliance and EU VAT Changes in an E-Invoicing Era

Webinar • 26th Mar 2024 - 9:00am - 9:45am

Customs Duty & Indirect Tax Consultant, Andrew Thurston sheds light on the often overlooked area of customs compliance, discussing common risk areas and providing valuable insights to ensure efficient business operations. Additionally, he will offer a brief overview of routine HMRC Customs Audits, accompanied by tips for effective preparation. VAT & Indirect Tax Partner, Alison Horner will provide an overview of recent developments in the EU VAT arena, particularly focusing on e-invoicing and VIDA, and how businesses should prepare for these changes.


  1. Customs compliance – Understanding obligations, HMRC audits, and compliance management tips
  2. MSS Data – Utilising data for customs compliance and obtaining it effectively
  3. Trading Abroad – Trading abroad and the VAT issues being witnessed by MHA
  4. E-Invoicing – Overview of the EU’s introduction of e-invoicing and ‘VAT in the Digital Age’ (VIDA) and their implications on EU trading
  5. Q&A

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