MHA | The changing landscape of corporation tax in 2023
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The changing landscape of corporation tax in 2023

• 15th Jul 2024 - 10:47am
Join us for a 60-minute lunchtime webinar where our tax specialists will highlight the many changes to the corporate tax landscape effective from 1 April and beyond. The webinar will open with a review of the changes coming into effect in 2023 including:
  • Capital Allowances and the Phasing out of Super Deduction
  • New rates of corporation tax
  • Quarterly Instalment Payments
  • BEPS 2.0
Our team will then outline some of the tax planning opportunities available for companies in areas such as:
  • Capital expenditure
  • Patent Box
  • Optimising tax losses
  • Minimising Withholding Tax on cross-border transactions
We will also look at Tax Risk and the current areas of HMRC attention. Our R&D specialist will highlight:
  • The surge in HMRC enquiries and areas of focus
  • New requirements for R&D claims
  • Forthcoming changes in R&D relief
  • How to ensure your claim is valid
In the final section we will pick up Tax Changes announced in the March Budget likely to be of interest to corporates.
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