MHA | VAT and Construction Domestic Reverse Charge Webinar
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VAT and Construction Domestic Reverse Charge Webinar

• 28th May 2024 - 11:05pm
The new VAT “domestic reverse charge” (“DRC”) goes live on 1st March 2021 after a period of deferral. It is the most significant change to VAT in construction services in 30 years.
From that date, sub-contractors in a CIS chain of supply will cease to collect VAT from other contractors. In its place, a reverse charge system will apply. This makes the buyer of the sub-contractors service liable for VAT accounting in place of the supplier. Join experts from MHA Tait Walker to find out:
  • Why this change is being introduced by HMRC.
  • What has changed since the DRC was previous announced.
  • What services will be covered by the new DRC.
  • Practical implications for contractors, subcontractors and end users.
  • What businesses need to do to get ready for the changes.


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