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5 key reporting requirements for Life Science businesses entering new markets

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MHA recognizes that many younger and rapidly developing life science companies value their relative agility and wish to contain their operational costs, so we provide a range of services including the following to meet the objective of remaining lean and adaptable to market needs:

Compliance auditing and monitoring

After risks are identified and mitigated, our team helps companies establish robust auditing and monitoring programs that provide insight into the ever-evolving compliance landscape of the life sciences industry as well as give investors confidence.

Drug price transparency and reporting

We help clients navigate complex price transparency and reporting environments on a national and international basis by supporting pricing strategies, price reporting and transparency. Furthermore, we have a team of transfer pricing specialists who can advise on cross-border compliance regardless of jurisdiction.

Global spend transparency reporting

Our UK and international teams assist companies in reporting for spend transparency to help ensure complete, accurate and timely compliance with reporting obligations in each jurisdiction.

Fair market value and key opinion leader tiering

MHA through the international Baker Tilly network provides valuation and tiering services to determine the fair market value of payments to physician consultants and to ‘managed market programs’ like NICE in the UK and for others in different jurisdictions. We can also support the management of medical grants and payments for clinical trials through the proprietary fmvNOW self-service application software which is available via a dedicated portal: fmvNOW - Baker Tilly

Quality management and pharmacovigilance

We employ several specialists in our team who can help life sciences companies ensure the ongoing safety of their products, including identifying, assessing, monitoring, preventing and reporting on adverse product effects to the prevailing health authorities across different jurisdictions.

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