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AI Responsibilities

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The UK government has recently published a white paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation, which outlines the government’s approach to regulating AI in the charity sector. The paper states that sector-specific regulators will be responsible for implementing the government’s AI framework, which will be underpinned by “a set of principles that will drive consistency across regulators while also providing them with the flexibility needed”.

At a Charity Forum event in September 2023, sector consultant Zoe Amar said that the Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulator will be responsible for issuing guidance on the technology and regulating it.

The aim of the regulations is to support innovation whilst providing guidance to help identify the associated risks of AI. The government’s approach is based on five principles that the regulators should consider to enable the safe and innovative use of AI in the industries they monitor. These principles include transparency, security, robustness, safety, accountability, and fairness.

This new approach is a significant step forward in regulating AI systems and outputs that have an impact in the sector.

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