MHA | BEPS 2.0 - a case study

BEPS 2.0 - a case study

Chris Danes · January 18th 2023 · read

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How we provided a proactive tax solution for a global client in the construction industry.

The BEPS framework is designed to enhance taxing rights for source countries primarily where existing tax mechanisms do not capture sufficient value in the country of consumption, and it’s impact is already being seen across the globe via countries who have a corporate tax rate effectively lower than 15%, making announcements about increased corporate tax rates on the horizon.

This client case study demonstrates how our Global Tax Solutions team, utilising the strength and expertise of the Baker Tilly network, understood the transfer pricing model of a major first-time client from the Construction industry, to provide proactive, tax efficient advice. This resulted in not only a significant increase in revenue, but also the evolution of more complex projects involving different tax authorities from around the world.

Read more details about the key phases of our solution:

• Modelling
• Accounting
• Restructuring
• Implementing
• Filing and timelines

Download a copy of our BEPS 2.0 case study using the link below:

BEPS 2.0 Case Study

Find out more about BEPS 2.0

Baker Tilly’s Global Tax Solutions group work with clients in multiple tax jurisdictions to streamline and solve compliance issues. To further discuss the topics raised in this case study, or for any other global tax matters, please contact us on [email protected].

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