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Consultants’ Pay Deal ‘the Best Available’ Says HCSA

Posted on: April 16th 2024 · read

NHS consultant members of the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association (HCSA) have, like the BMA, voted to accept a revised offer from the government, drawing their immediate industrial dispute to a close.

The deal makes several reforms to the NHS consultant contract in England. This will see most consultants receive an immediate pay uplift and every consultant receive a pay uplift going forward through greater total investment in the contract.

HCSA president Dr Naru Narayanan said: 

Our members’ resilience and courage has seen them secure long overdue improvements to pay. This is the best deal available right now and a step firmly in the right direction.

We will continue to ensure that consultants’ enormous contribution to the NHS is properly recognised. This will include holding the government to account on the implementation of reforms to the pay review body.

It is now time for the government to step up and make our junior and SAS doctor colleagues fair pay offers.’

The HCSA said the deal, effective from 1 March 2024, includes:

  1. Increased investment in a simplified, shortened pay spine that will see most consultants receive pay uplifts of between 2.85% and 12.8% in addition to the previously announced 6% pay award for 2023/24; reduce the time it takes to reach the top of the pay scale; and reduce the gender pay gap among senior doctors.
  2. Reform to the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB), including a greater role for trade unions and a requirement to consider international comparators and long-term trends in the wider labour market when recommending the level of doctors’ pay.
  3. Enhanced shared parental leave, in line with other NHS staff.

Its members voted 83.5% Yes to accept on 61.8% turnout.

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