MHA | EU VAT refund claim deadline approaching

EU VAT refund claim deadline approaching

Posted on: June 9th 2023 · read

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June deadline for recovering EU VAT

UK businesses that have incurred VAT in an EU member state and wish to apply for a refund (under the 13th directive) must pay special attention to the approaching deadline.

In most EU member states, a claim must be filed with the relevant tax authority by 30th June 2023 for any VAT that was incurred in 2022.

Each member state has its own method for making a VAT refund claim. These processes may involve the provision of original invoices, and due to international postage times, it is important that businesses act now.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Before a claim is made, businesses should determine whether they are liable to register for VAT in the refunding member state due to supplies made within the territory. If a business is liable to register, then a VAT refund claim under the 13th directive will be refused.
  • Some member states require the claims to be submitted by a fiscal representative, meaning that as UK businesses are not established in the EU, they cannot file the claim themselves.
  • Member states can set a minimum refund amount and will not refund claims below this limit. These can range anywhere from around €25-€250.

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