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Guidance on the Immigration Health Surcharge

Joanna Rose · Posted on: December 18th 2023 · read

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Following the rise in visa application fees in October, the Government has now announced that the Immigration Health Surcharge will be subject to an increase in January. The exact date is yet to be confirmed but is expected to be 16 January.

The Surcharge, which is paid so that migrant workers can access the NHS during their period of leave in the UK, will increase from £624 per year to £1035.

For a Skilled Worker on a five year visa, therefore, this will leap from £3120 to £5175. The Immigration Health Surcharge must be paid for the whole period of leave upfront at the time of application.

This will greatly increase the cost of coming to the UK to work for migrant workers and will surely deter some.

In addition, the Government has proposed that the minimum Skilled Worker salary be increased to £38,700. The current minimum salary is £26,200 although if the “going rate” for the role as determined by the SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) code is higher, that will prevail.

Employers already struggling in the post-Brexit labour market are going to face higher costs if they wish to employ from overseas, and also a reduced pool of candidates.

HR Solutions can advise on Sponsor Licence applications for Skilled Workers and also the relevant SOC codes for eligible roles and the associated salaries.

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