MHA | HR Solutions Newsletter - October 2022

HR Solutions Newsletter - October 2022

Posted on: October 14th 2022 · read

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HR Solutions Newsletter - October 2022

Welcome to our October 2022 HR Solutions newsletter. In this edition, we discuss the hot topics, EU law and Brexit. We also explore three Employment Tribunal cases surrounding dress and jewellery codes in the workplace resulting in successful claims.

Many employers operate a dress code to set standards about what it is appropriate for employees to wear to work; however, any such code must be applied sensitively and flexibly. A dress code applied rigidly may give rise to claims of sex, race, religion, and disability discrimination, and / or constructive dismissal. HR Solutions can advise you on how to protect yourselves from such claims when implementing a dress code, including how to conduct consultation, how to avoid impacting unfavourably on employees because of a protected characteristic, and how to carry out fair disciplinary proceedings if these become necessary.

In addition, HR Solutions can advise you on compliant Right to Work in the UK checks and can conduct them on your behalf if required; this is particular pertinent now that the remote checks introduced during the COVID pandemic have been removed. HR Solutions can also assist with the employment of migrant workers via legal means i.e. Sponsorship on Skilled Worker visas.


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