MHA | MSS Data and Customs Declaration Checks Overview

MSS Data and Customs Declaration Checks Overview

Posted on: December 23rd 2021 · read

If your business imports goods into the UK it will be, in most cases, recorded as the importer on the UK Customs Declaration.  This creates a responsibility on the business to ensure that the declaration is accurate, otherwise there is a potential for further duties and penalties.

One way to manage this obligation is to obtain MSS Import Data from HMRC.  This will provide a monthly Excel spreadsheet that can be used as an analysis tool to identify and investigate potential errors and is especially useful where there are large numbers of imports in a period.  The application for the MSS Data can be obtained here.

Our document provides an overview of this data, along with simple tools that a business can employ to use the MSS Data effectively so that it can complete the necessary checks expected by HMRC and maintain compliance with UK customs legislation.

If you would like further assistance in obtaining, or analysing, the import data, please contact your local MHA member firm.

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