MHA | Year End Tax Planning – are you prepared?

Year End Tax Planning – are you prepared?

Posted on: March 1st 2021 · read

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Are you prepared for the tax year end, and potential impact from the Spring Budget?

The UK tax year ends on 5 April 2021. With some careful planning and the right expert advice, you still have time to save some tax and minimise your tax liabilities.

Coming just before the tax year-end is the Chancellor’s Spring Budget on March 3rd, and Rishi Sunak is under pressure to provide the financial boost to public spending that the country needs in the current situation. This could mean tax changes are on the horizon - from reforms to pensions and capital gains tax, to changes to property tax and SDLT. Individuals, private entrepreneurs, and businesses are all likely to be impacted from any policy changes announced.

In this timely webinar, our tax experts remind you of the actions you can take now to minimise your tax liabilities and plan for any potential tax policy changes arising from the Spring Budget, which would be effective from April onwards.

Key points that will be covered:

  • Top tax tips to minimise your tax bill
  • Tax reliefs and allowances – planning for year end
  • Wealth management guidance
  • Potential tax changes arising from the Spring Budget

Click here to download a copy of the slides used in this webinar.


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If you have any questions about any of the topics raised in the webinar or if you would like some advice about your year end tax planning, please get in touch with a member of the tax team from your local MHA firm using our online enquiry form

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