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Welcome to the MHA Trustee hub, our hub of downloadable templates and information for the Charity sector.

Posted on: May 30th 2023 · read

At MHA we pride ourselves on our commitment to the not for profit sector and our clients. Over the years we have seen increasing responsibility within the trustee role.

To help you within your role we have created our own trustee hub where we will share materials to help and support you in your role.

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Welcome to the MHA Trustee Hub

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There is no doubt that strong effective governance and leadership is the major contributor to the success of a charity. The opposite also holds true; that weak or ineffective leadership forms a major barrier to charity effectiveness. It is fair to recognise that over the last couple of decades, initiatives such as the voluntary sector codes of good governance have certainly helped improve standards.

Best practice in financial governance and management underpins overall governance. But surveys MHA have undertaken with the charity finance group, and other sector analyses, have pointed to what many of us have experienced anecdotally, that charity finance governance and overall competency in many charities could be improved. Charity beneficiaries deserve that trustees strive their utmost to do their best. Being “good enough” is not good enough. So action is certainly required.

Sudhir Singh, Not For Profit Partner

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