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MHA is shortlisted for three East Midlands Chamber Business Awards

August 5th 2022
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Our Leicester Office has been shortlisted for three awards at the upcoming Leicestershire Business Awards organised by the East Midland Chamber. The Awards celebrate the work of businesses and professionals across the region.

We’re delighted to announce that not only are we nominated for the Commitment to People award, but two of our trainees, Chloe Heard and Kai Taylor, have been shortlisted as Apprentices of the Year!

A comment from Shiran Wynter, Partner at Leicester:

“MHA has long since recognised that our greatest asset has always been our people. We are incredibly proud of our staff and the journey they have been on with the firm. Not only have they lived the firm’s values on a daily basis, they have been the greatest contributor to shaping and directing those very same values. This has been expressed in the market place and is reflected in the unique way that MHA has enjoyed significant growth and yet has retained its very personal feel to clients.

We are delighted to have people like Kai and Chloe who champion this, whilst being role models for every generation of staff that come after them.”

Chloe Heard, Finalist for Apprentice of the Year added:

“I’m very grateful to be a finalist for Apprentice of the year, and what a year it has been! I thank all the staff who’ve helped me this year, and all the opportunities presented to me by MHA as it is the investment of their time and effort which has got me to where I am now. I’m very lucky to even be nominated for this award, I congratulate all our trainees this year and a massive well done to Kai too.”

Another contender for Apprentice of the Year, Kai Tylor, commented:

“I am thrilled to be announced as a finalist. Being recognised by MHA firstly and then to be shortlisted is such an incredibly fulfilling feeling. My deepest gratitude goes out to MHA for always being supportive of me and for helping me to progress in my career. It is also my pleasure to congratulate Chloe on being shortlisted, which she well deserved."

The Award ceremony will be held later this year in November, where we can hopefully celebrate again with our colleagues and clients.

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