MHA | Sustainable Business Conference 2021
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Sustainable Business Conference 2021

In person • 7th Sept 2021 - 8:00am - 12:00pm

MHA MacIntyre Hudson are proud sponsors and panel speakers at the Sustainable Business Conference.

We all want to be sustainable now – it makes moral and business sense. But how do you actually go about putting this good intent into action?

This conference aims to show businesses how to go green, how much investment is needed and what the benefits are. It will focus on how to ensure your business is genuinely sustainable, and how you can use this to get an edge over competitors.

In this video below, Rich Hall provides a brief teaser into his upcoming talk at the Sustainable Business Conference on the topic of sustainability in manufacturing.

Our Head of Sustainability and Stakeholder Assurance, Rich Hall will be covering the latest advice to help businesses kickstart their sustainability strategy, he will also be a member of a panel of sustainability experts answering questions from attendees.
Rich Hall
Head of Sustainability and Stakeholder Assurance

Topics to be explored include:

  • Environmental targets
  • New forms of energy
  • Funding
  • Skills
  • Role of government and local authorities
  • Role of universities

This event will feature experts on sustainable manufacturing, sustainable property and construction and sustainable transport.