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Face to Face Assessment Centre 2024

How to prepare for your Face to Face Assessment Centre

Key tips and advice on what to expect for your assessment centre.

In a changing world, we decided as a firm to have a variety of assessment centres both virtual and in person.

We are here to support you through this process and if you have questions at any time, please email: [email protected]

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Face to Face Assessment Centres

What to expect on the day?

Please arrive at 09:30am. We would like to have time to have a chat with you, introduce ourselves and generally let everyone settle in. We will do reimbursing for travel forms, right to work and predicted grades scans.

At 10:00am, the assessment centre will officially start.

10:00amIntroduction to the firm, our networks, and the sector. This will be done via a presentation.
10:45am5-minute break
10:50amGroup exercise – you will receive full instructions, and this will be a collaborative, interactive exercise. Please have a calculator handy!
11:30am10-minute break
11:40amLunch & meet some of our staff - We will provide lunch on the day, therefore, please make sure you let us know if you have any dietary requirements.
12:40pmPresentations. You will be briefed on the preparation required beforehand.
1:15pm15-minute break
1:30pmIt’s a wrap.
1:45pmFeedback from the day

Please understand that timings are approximate. We will do our best to run to time, but we encourage interaction from you, and this may mean some timings run differently on the day.

Tips for the day:


  • Have you read all the instructions you have been given?
  • Have you checked your commute and journey in?
  • Do you have stationary, like a pad, pen, and calculator?
  • Do you have your right to work and predicted grades ready for scan?

Interact on the day!

We want to get to know you. If you are quiet all day, with no good questions to ask, you will be difficult to assess and mark.

Take Breaks

We have made time for short breaks and a lunch break during the day. Please get up and move. You will be able to go out of the building to get some fresh air.

Learn about the firm and member networks!

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