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Supporting a Fortune 500 business with global tax solutions

Baker Tilly’s Global Tax Solutions group have supported a global toy manufacturer with a robotics process automation project, enabling the efficient transfer of data across more than 20 countries. 

This case study demonstrates the effective use of technology to provide a global tax solution, and reducing the risk of error that can come from a project of this this scale.

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“We provide a 24/7 solution, for our clients across the Baker Tilly family, to support them though current global challenges.”

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How is Baker Tilly's Global Tax Solutions Group supporting clients?

Your global tax challenges, solved

Baker Tilly’s Global Tax Solutions group work with clients in multiple tax jurisdictions to streamline and solve compliance issues.

To further discuss the topics raised in the case study above, or for any other global tax matters, please contact Chris Danes (Tax Partner, GTS), who will be happy to assist. Alternatively you can send us an enquiry here

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