MHA | Autumn Statement 2023 and what it means for ISAs schemes

Autumn Statement 2023 and what it means for ISAs schemes

Gary Doolan · November 24th 2023 · read

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A positive change to ISAs schemes allows savers multiple subscriptions

The Chancellor missed a trick by not increasing ISA allowances and introducing a British-focused ISA to stimulate greater investment in British PLC.

Despite a number of ISA-focused measures from the Chancellor, investors will be disappointed that allowances were maintained at £20,000 for cash, stocks and shares ISAs. There was also no word of a British focused ISA, which would encourage investors with an additional £5,000 allowance for investment into UK companies.”

The announcement that savers will be permitted to have multiple subscriptions of the same type of ISA from April next year in addition to allowing partial transfers is more positive. Such a move will enable investors to diversify funds across multiple providers in the same tax year, enhancing competitiveness with Cash ISA rates and giving holders greater control.

Inclusion of fractional shares being introduced within ISAs caters to younger, tech-savvy investors. Fractional shares give investors the opportunity to invest in big-named companies, often US based, that come with individual share prices that are out of reach for many individuals, trading at hundreds or even thousands of pounds per share.

What does the Autumn Statement 2023 mean for ISA's?

Watch our financial advisers outline the changes announced to ISA schemes in the Autumn Statement and share practical tips on getting the best from your ISA investments below:

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