MHA | Code of Fundraising Practice: consultation

Code of Fundraising Practice: consultation

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Code of Fundraising Practice: consultation

As part of ensuring the Code remains up-to-date, the Regulator is conducting a code review, which includes a public consultation running to 01 December 2023. The consultation seeks feedback on the key themes of the Code, the Regulator’s plans to expand the Code, and the Regulator’s plans to amend specific rules included within the existing Code.

To give users of the Code a better understanding of how the revised Code could be presented, the consultation also seeks comments on proposed changes to the numerous sections of the Code, grouped under its three overarching standards: all fundraising, working with others, and specific fundraising methods.

An example of one of the specific changes being proposed is that relating to the rule which requires fundraisers to be polite to people at all times.

Reflecting on fundraisers who face abuse or intimidation during their work, the new Code may require fundraisers to behave ‘professionally’ at all times whilst allowing them to show assertiveness when engaging with the public.

A new draft of The Code of Fundraising Practice is expected in the first half of 2024, and is expected to go live in early 2025 following a final eight-week public engagement exercise.

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The Code of Fundraising Practice is the bedrock of charitable fundraising so it’s vital it is accessible, up-to-date, and, crucially, provides clarity to charities, third-party fundraisers, and the general public

The Fundraising Regulator’s chief executive, reported in Civil Society Gerald Oppenheim

This insight was previously published in our Not for Profit October 2023 eNews

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