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Cutting through the green noise

November 24th 2021
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SME’s need to better understand and optimise their sustainability agenda to ensure a long-term focus on their performance.

Mark Lumsdon-Taylor, Partner at MHA says that;

“It is essential for SME’s to formulate an agenda that focuses on the long term sustainability of their business, however it is becoming difficult to cut through the ‘green noise’ and wealth of information out there, to truly understand what this means for your business”.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a significant part of the UK’s economy and have a critical role to play in tackling the risks from climate change. The combined environmental impact from SME’s is far bigger than it is from large corporations. The challenge with SME’s investing in sustainability practices is that they are more varied, have less resources, and can be harder to reach. And with many businesses are still recovering from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and spending most of their time dealing with more immediate issues, they are struggling to see the long-term benefits of committing to a sustainability agenda.

The agricultural and food manufacturing sectors are two examples of UK industries that are particularly vulnerable to climate change, and this presents a unique challenge to farmers and food manufacturers who need to maintain productivity and profitability from their core activity as food producers, whilst also navigating changes in support levels and regulations post-Brexit.

To ensure that such a large and diverse population of organisations can become more sustainable, key tools and techniques and clearer information will need to be made available.

On 25 November, MHA in association with ICAEW are holding a live virtual session on this key topic - Optimise the sustainability agenda for your SME business.

Hosted by Richard Spencer from ICAEW, this webinar will feature ESG and Sustainability experts from MHA, Mark Lumsdon-Taylor and Rich Hall, who will share best practice tools and practical guidance to decipher which route and level of investment is right for your business.

They will be joined by Chris Newenham (Joint Managing Director, Wilkin & Sons), who will share his experiences and learnings in implementing an effective sustainability agenda for his business.

Key topics include:

  • The business case for sustainability
  • How to decipher which route is right for your business
  • How to benchmark and get started with goal-setting and metrics
  • The practical aspects to consider when implementing a sustainability plan

Click here to watch the webinar recording in full

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