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How to handle an Employee Grievance

Joanna Rose · November 20th 2023 · read

By law employers must set out a grievance procedure and share it in writing with all employees, e.g., in their written terms of employment or the staff handbook. This is a day one right for any employee who will be working for one month or more.

But what constitutes a grievance? A grievance refers to a formal complaint or concern raised by an employee about a workplace issue, typically related to their employment terms, working conditions, or relationships with colleagues. Grievances can cover a wide range of matters, including disputes with coworkers or supervisors, alleged discrimination, harassment, unfair treatment, contractual issues, or any perceived violation of employment policies. Employees may raise a grievance when they believe their rights have been infringed upon or when there is a dispute that cannot be resolved through informal means. It is a mechanism for employees to voice their concerns and seek resolution in
a structured and formal manner.

You may already have established grievance procedures as part of your human resources policies to address and resolve workplace issues efficiently and fairly. These procedures often include both informal and formal steps for addressing grievances, ensuring that employees have opportunities to resolve problems at different levels before escalating to more formal processes.

It’s important for you to handle grievances in a timely and transparent manner to maintain a positive work environment and address concerns before they escalate into more serious problems. Grievance procedures are designed to provide a fair and objective means of resolving workplace disputes, promoting employee satisfaction, and fostering a healthy and productive workplace culture.

HR Solutions at MHA can discuss with you your requirements for a grievance policy and draft any amendments to existing policies or documentation as required. Where required we can support you when grievances arise with advice, scripts and if necessary, presence within any hearing. We can also advise on how best to implement a new policy.

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