MHA | Real Estate Matters - Spring 2023
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Real Estate Matters - Spring 2023

Welcome to our latest edition of Real Estate Matters.

The Construction sector continues to face significant challenges and remains the highest contributor to monthly insolvency figures, representing 17% of all insolvencies in April 2023. There is no doubt that inflation, higher interest rates and soaring energy prices, along with skills shortages and supply chain issues are continuing to cause difficulties for businesses in the sector. However, firms that have managed to navigate the inflationary pressures have benefited from this consolidation in the marketplace and we are starting to see a more stable economic environment.

It is imperative that businesses running into problems discuss options at an early stage. The earlier advice is sought, the more options there are available. Professionals can help you recognise the warning signs of insolvency and understand whether your situation is one that you can trade out of.

In this edition of Real Estate Matters, we take a look at several issues which businesses in the construction and real estate sectors should be aware of, such as the disconnect between policy and housing, changes to Option to Tax, biodiversity net gain, the Domestic Reverse Charge and a whole host of other topics.

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Real Estate Matters - Spring 2023

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